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Woodcutting is a gathering skill that used to chop down trees and get various wood types in OSRS. It can be applied as a starting point for a low-level player to generate money. Today we'll share with you some quick methods to get experience and an extremely useful method also.


The only item needed to cut wood is an Axe, Axe doesn't have to be on your hand , it may be just in your stock. An individual should always use the best axe available at a Woodcutting level. Dragon axe's special attack can be used to temporarily enhance one's Woodcutting level by 3, which stacks with the level bonus given by the Woodcutting Guild. There are various axes for woodcutting. You want a different woodcutting level for every axe to have the ability to use them. The higher the level, the quicker the axe can cut.

Infernal Axe

The Infernal Axe is the finest Axe from the game and will get you two 000 000 Firemaking XP getting to level 99 Woodcutting. Additionally it is possible to update your Dragon axe into an Infernal axe with a smoldering stone if you've 85 Firemaking, since it will burn 1/3 of the logs cut, reducing the need to fall logs and also providing passive Firemaking experience. It can be charged with dragon axes, which are usually Affordable

F2P Methods

Levels 1-15: Regular Trees

Beginning at level 1 -- 15, the one thing you can do is cutting trees that are normal, which give 25 experience per log. Trees can be seen throughout Gielinor. From level 1 to 15 supposing no quests are completed for XP you may need 2,411 XP that's 97 logs. This entire process should take around half an hour, depending on your falling speed and focus.

Levels 15-30: Oak trees

At level 15, players can switch to cutting edge oak trees, which grant 37.5 experience per log.

Oak trees are also found throughout Gielinor. Cambridge has a few great spots for pine trees, including the castle grounds and supporting the General Store. If you don't require a bank, there's a place with three pine trees touching just east of Rimmington. As, well as clusters along the east wall of Varrock, particularly south of the pub and lumber yard.

Levels 30-99: Willow trees (Fastest XP Methods)

At level 30, players can switch to lower willow trees, which give 67.5 experience per log, but continue with oaks until around level 35 will permit you to cut willows faster. Willows are the best XP till 99 woodcutting. You can unlock the Rune Axe at level 41 Woodcutting, that's the best for Free to Play, and seriously does accelerate your XP rates per hour. The best places to chop willow trees are south-west of the lender in Draynor Village. If you don't expect a bank, there are willow trees adjacent to Farmer Fred's home in Cambridge (6 trees). There are willow trees just south of the church and prison at Port Sarim (14 trees). Additionally, there are several only south-west of Rimmington.

Levels 60-99: Yew trees (profitable methods)

If you would like to make decent money on the side of having 99 woodcutting in F2P, at level 60, you can start to cut down Yew trees that grant 175 experience per log, getting to level 99 from level 60 Woodcutting with Yew Logs can be a wonderful profit at times you're going to make yourself 67 000 Logs or 23 000 000 coins. The ideal place to cut yew trees is the Varrock Palace grounds beside the Grand Exchange.

P2P Methods

Levels 1--27: Questing

The initial 1-27 level could be skipped by Completing Monk's Friend, Enlightened Journey, Icthlarin's Little Helper, Heroes' Quest and Sarah Uglogwee subquest of Recipe for Disaster grants a total of 10,575 experience, elevating a level 1 Woodcutting to 27.

Level 1-15/30: Exactly the same as F2P Methods

Level 30 - 35: Willow Trees

At 31 level you'll have the ability to equip adamant axe. Find willow tree place and begin cutting them down. If you're training fire making burn them down and should not just drop them on the floor. You'll have to cut and drop 134 willows for to 35 Woodcutting. This should take around 30 minutes of gameplay. The most frequent place to train people would be west of Draynor bank.

Level 35 - 99: Teak Trees (Fastest XP Methods)

Teak trees will offer the fastest woodcutting up from the game. This is only achievable through falling logs though and may be cut at Ape Atoll or Castle Wars. Be certain that you use a Rune axe and Dragon axe at level 41 and 61 Woodcutting respectively. An individual can use the infernal axe at level 61. It will reduce the need to fall logs and provide 85 Firemaking experience. You should always use the most effective possible Hatchet which you can. Based on how hard you afk, you'll have the ability to get to 99 in about 200 hours of game time.

Level 75-90/99: Magic Trees (Profitable Methods)

At level 75, members may chop Magic Trees, and that is where you start earning a profit. You make about 120 000 GP per hour. However, the XP rates are even slower than Yew Trees, averaging approximately just 25 000 XP per hour. You should only cut these if you would like to generate some AFK money. You may make 47 000 Magic Logs getting to level 99 Woodcutting, which is 46 000 000 profits getting to level 99. That's pretty good. The best places to cut magic trees are South-west of Lletya, South-west of Seers Village (near the Range Guild), outside Thomas the Sorcerer's Tower, and in the Mage training region.

Level 90-99: Redwood Trees

At level 90 you unlock access to redwood trees, Cutting redwood trees at the Woodcutting Guild requires very little attention and provides decent experience,with XP rates ranging from 55,000 to 75,000, they're still much slower than 2-ticking or even routine teaks but they provide a considerably more relaxed way of training while still earning a profit. In the 20,232 redwood logs, you would want to cut for 99 Woodcutting you may expect profit up of 7m GP.

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