Old School Runescape 1-99 Smithing Guide (Fast/AFK)
Smithing is a classic and money making skill in Old School RuneScape that permits you to make armor,weapons as well as ammunition such as arrows and arrows, depending on the method you decide to use to gain your levels, as you obtain a greater smithing level, you can make higher-level weapon and armor. In this guide, we'll share with you the many methods for to 99 Smithing.

General Tips

Useful items

The items that you need will be a Hammer for making items, then you will also need Ores and Bars.

Useful quests

The initial 1-37 level could be skipped by finishing The Knight's Sword, Elemental Workshop I and II, The Giant Dwarf, Heroes' Quest and Pirate Pete subquest of Recipe for Disaster will grant a total of 30,982 experience. Players would then just have to create 50 iron platebodies to find level 40 Smithing, where they could start smelting gold bars at the Blast Furnace.

The Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is a members-only minigame located in Keldagrim for smelting bars. The furnace only requires half as much coal when smelting generally, so it can be useful if smelting the ores that need more coal.

Levels 1-29: The Knight's Sword

The quickest way to catch these first few levels is by questing, from level 1-29, you will need to do the Knight's Sword Quest. The Knight's Sword is a F2P pursuit that provides 12,725 Smithing experience of conclusion. This is sufficient XP to have a player from level 1 to level 29 immediately. It's strongly suggested that individuals do this quest before training Smithing.

Levels 1--30: Bronze items

If You Can't finish the Knights Sword quest to get to level 29 for a few reasons,

Then you can smith the ideal Bronze Items you're ready to.

Level 29 - 40: Iron Items

By Level 29-40, you need to stock up on Iron Bars and visit an Anvil. It would be Iron 2h Swords at level 29, to make Iron 2H swords, you will need a hammer, in addition to some iron bars, and you then make Iron Platebodies at level 33 all the way to level 40.

The recommended locations are Western Varrock bank or Yanille (just South of the lender ). Both these Anvils are situated a quick walk away from the bank and are usually regarded as the best to use.

Level 40 - 99: Gold Bars (Fastest Method)

The quickest method to achieve 99 Smithing is by smelting Gold Bars at the Blast Furnace, but naturally, you are going to be spending a hefty amount on this particular method. This requires you to have access to Goldsmith Gauntlets, after conclusion of the Family Crest quest. Each pub created will yield 56.2 XP when Goldsmith Gauntlets are worn. This method yields very wonderful XP, players may expect up to 300-400K experience per hour being achievable. Its need 231,268 gold ores to reach 99 Smithing when using the goldsmith gauntlets. A little bit of the cost will be reimbursed by selling the Gold Bars. Nevertheless, these are low price, so the amount will be reasonably minimal. Market prices vary tremendously, however as an approximate estimate, using this method to 99 will cost roughly 68M GP later selling the Gold Bars.

Level 34-99: Dart hints (AFK Method)

Dart hints are often in high demand because of their use of electricity training Fletching, thus smithing them usually makes gain or breaks even. Always check the prices before purchasing the pubs and selling the dart tips. Making any sort of dart tips requires completion of The Tourist Trap quest.

At level 34, you can unlock steel dart tips, which yields 3.28 coins per experience with the current rates. This method grants 37.5 experience per steel bar, leading to an experience rate of approximately 37,000 experience per hour. Doing this method from level 34 to 54 would demand 3,905 steel bars.

At level 54, you can unlock Mithril Dart Tips, which yields 1.26 coins per experience with the current rates. This method grants 50 experience per mithril bar, leading to an experience rate of approximately 50,000 experience each hour. Doing this method from level 54 to 99 would demand 257,672 mithril bars. Level 54 to 74 requires 18,909 mithril bars.

At level 74, you can unlock adamant dart tips, which yields 0.82 coins per experience with the current rates. This method grants 62.5 experience per adamantite pub, leading to an experience rate of approximately 65,000 experience per hour. Occasionally making adamant dart tips will lead to a small reduction, so the player might want to continue with mithril dart tips instead. Doing this method from level 74 to 99 will need 191,011 Adamantite Bars.

This method costs nothing; frequently, a little profit is yielded. At current rates, attaining Level 99 with this method will lead to a net profit of 6M GP. Very modest, but it is a profit rather than a price tag.

Level 15--99: Blast Furnace (Profitable Method)

Smelting pubs in the Blast Furnace offers comparatively slow experience but makes a good profit. You will need to begin the Giant Dwarf Quest to have the ability to create them in the first location.

At level 15, you can unlock Iron Bars in the Blast Furnace, which will make you 40k-50k XP per hour with 75m gp in gain to level 99.

At level 30, you can unlock steel bar in the Blast Furnace, which will make you 60k-70k XP per hour with 130m gp in gain to level 99.

At level 50, you can unlock Mithril bars in the Blast Furnace, which will make you 80k-90k XP per hour with 80m gp in gain to level 99.

At level 70, you can unlock Adamant bars in the Blast Furnace, which will make you approximately 85 XP per hour with 110m gp in gain to level 99.

At level 85, you can unlock Runite bars in the Blast Furnace, its the best money from the sport for Smithing that will make you 90k-100k XP per hour with 115m gp in gain to level 99.

The suggested Furnace place to use is situated in Edgeville; the Furnace is a succinct walk from the lender.

Levels 35-99: Cannonballs (Profitable Method)

At level 35, you can unlock Cannonballs. Smelting cannonballs from metal bars are rewarding. However, the XP rates are prolonged. To smelt cannonballs, You want to finish the Dwarf Cannon Quest to have the ability to create them in the first location. Each steel bar, costing 337, gives 25.6 experience and 4 cannonballs, worth 572, leading to a gain of 9.18 coins each experience. 507,704 steel bars are required you'll profit about 140m gp to reach 99 Smithing.

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